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2912 Lake East Dr. Las Vegas, Nv 89117

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2912 Lake East Dr. Las Vegas, Nv 89117

All of our professionally designed programs feature these essential elements: Resistance Training, Cardiovascular Training, Flexibility Training, Nutrition Consulting, Lifestyle Change , Health Education

Proudly serving the Las Vegas/Summerlin community since 2008. Degreed, Licensed, Nationally Certified, Experienced and Insured Personal Trainers.

Las Vegas’ Ultimate Exercise Experience

V.I.P. Fitness specializes in one on one private personal training in Las Vegas, NV. Our dedicated professional staff is totally committed to the success of each and every member we work with. Resistance Training, Cardiovascular Training, Flexibility Training, Nutrition Consulting, Lifestyle Change, and Health Education for a complete and highly effective program. V.I.P. Fitness was designed by an expert Personal Trainer after many years of working with clients in Las Vegas and seeing firsthand what clients wanted, and needed, from a Personal Training facility. The result... an environment where everyone can succeed. We work with all types of people from beginners with no exercise experience all the way up to professional athletes and celebrities who rely on their physiques to earn a living. Everyone is welcome at V.I.P. Fitness. Our staff defines excellence in the field and leads by example in everything they do. Each staff member is a legitimate expert in health and fitness and is backed by a college degree in a fitness related field, multiple nationally recognized fitness certifications, and years of full time Personal Training experience. Our facility is totally private and there are no distractions, no disruptions, and no excuses for not getting a great workout every time you come in to train. Fitness is our passion as well as our business and we want you to see and feel the difference. We offer free consultations and we are more than happy to arrange a private tour and answer any questions potential clients may have. Give us a call today and begin exploring your potential.

  • • Exercise programs designed around your individual needs and goals
  • • Totally private environment
  • • All ages welcome
  • • Nutritional support
  • • Hands on stretching
  • • Safe, effective, fun programs
  • • Sate of the art exercise equipment
  • • Superior customer service
  • • Clean, relaxed, comfortable environment
  • • No long term contracts

A few of our Specialties:

Weight loss/Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Muscle Definition Training, Core and Balance, Metabolic Improvement, Nutrition Education, Strength Training, Flexibility and Mobility Training, Injury Rehab, Posture Correction, Functional Training, Youth Fitness, Cross Training, Injury Prevention Techniques, Stress Release, Health Education, Senior Fitness, Therapeutic Exercise, Post Rehab, Special Needs Fitness, Police/Fire/Military Entrance, Osteopenia/Osteoporosis, Coordination/Reaction Time, Lifestyle Modification, Exercise Psychology, Aquatic Fitness

Advantages Of Having A Personal Trainer

Structure- A good Personal Trainer will create a highly structured program with goals and objectives. The trainer should have a good knowledge base to turn your goals into a step by step plan for achieving them. They will be able to determine how many days per week you should train, what exercises you should do, how hard you should be pushed, how long you need to recover, how much time should be spent on each area of the program, and how often you should be tested/measured/ assessed.

Safety- A good Personal Trainer should make your safety their highest priority. The trainer is an expert in exercise technique and should have the teaching skills to educate you on how to stimulate your musculo-skeletal system in a safe and productive way. Experienced trainers have spent thousands of hours supervising clients and have keen instincts as to when a mistake is likely to happen so they can prevent any accidents or injuries from occuring.

Knowledge- Many people think they can create their own program based on reading a magazine, or book, or taking a friends advice. Magazines often give conflicting advice with each new issue they publish. Fitness magazines promote programs and services that are affiliated with the advertising sponsors of the magazine. They try to make ads for supplements and sponsored products look like legitimate research. Books can be helpful but a book cannot supervise you or answer your questions or deal with any unusual circumstances that may arise. Books tend to advise a "one size fits all" approach to training or nutrition which will only work for a small percentage of those who try it. Your friends may have good intentions but they are not professionally trained in sophisticated areas like: anatomy, physiology, exercise kinesiology, injury prevention, exercise psychology, or goal specific program design. Expert Personal Trainers have earned college degrees, obtained professional certifications, often have specialty designations for advanced training in specific areas, and years of field experience. They take many of the same courses that medical students take. They have seen clients with goals just like yours and have the expertise to create a program that will work.

Accountability- A Personal Trainer will usually expect a client to keep tracking tools like: a food log, exercise tracker, sleep tracker, etc... These tools allow the Personal Trainer to hold the client accountable for achieving success. A person who exercises on their own will rarely keep track of anything other than their bodyweight. Records and data on many variables are important for making decisions about how well the program is working or if changes need to be made to correct a program that is not achieving the desired result.

Motivation- Personal Trainers enter this career path because they really enjoy exercise and sharing their knowledge with others. The gym is a happy, upbeat place for them to express their personalities and share their passion for fitness with others. When a person tries to exercise alone they bear the full burden of getting themselves motivated to go into an environment that is often intimidating for them. They can feel isolated and unsure about what they are doing and if the time they are spending there is really worth the effort. A good Personal Trainer is like the ultimate training partner, gym buddy, motivator, and role model of health and fitness. It is very common for clients to feed off of the Personal Trainers energy to get them through the tough days when everything feels like a struggle.

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Straight Forward Policies And Pricing

At V.I.P. Fitness we provide superior customer service. We have up front pricing and policies. We do not force members to buy a gym membership, supplements and personal training. We sell an all inclusive product. You will never be asked to upgrade your membership, or buy any other products from us. We do not make commissions on selling you products that you don't want or need. We have a cancel at any time membership clause that states an unhappy member may terminate their membership immediately and receive a refund of any prepaid sessions that are unused at that time. We don't try to blame the member and keep their money like so many other fitness businesses do in Las Vegas. We want our customers to love coming in to train with us and we do everything possible to make that happen.

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V.I.P. Fitness offers free private tours and one hour consultations to anyone interested in finding out more about our products and services. We are happy to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have about starting an exercise program. To schedule your free tour and consultation please call 702-405-0618 or fill out the contact form located on page four of this website.

Programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Our expert trainers will design a program that’s right for you. Now is the time and this is the place.

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