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2912 Lake East Dr. Las Vegas, Nv 89117

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At V.I.P. Fitness our goal is to take your health, fitness, and wellness to the highest levels. We strive to motivate and educate our clients on all aspects of a health and fitness program. We work hard to minimize and eliminate the frustration, discomfort, and pain that is often associated with exercise. We make every effort to design programs that will maximize your efforts and get you to your goals in the shortest amount of time possible. We listen to our clients and make them an active part of the program design process. Your goals are our goals. At V.I.P. Fitness we provide a relaxed atmosphere that is not competitive and not intimidating.

Exercise programs need to be designed around the individual. No two people have the same personality. No two people have the same goals. No two people respond exactly the same way to an exercise program. Each and every program that we design takes into account these differences and your program is unique to your needs. We utilize the latest scientific research in the fields of: exercise science, kinesiology, exercise physiology, nutrition, sports science, and injury prevention and rehabilitation. We make workouts fun and challenging to keep you progressing as long as you continue to exercise.

Our success is achieved when you, our client, have embraced a healthy, balanced lifestyle that includes physical activity for good health, enjoyment, and personal empowerment.

Train With A Professional

V.I.P. Fitness is proud to provide you with the most highly qualified staff in the fitness industry. Our Personal Trainers are certified by the American Council on Exercise. For more information about A.C.E. research and standards of excellence in the fitness industry please visit

Research Supports Your Decision To Hire A Trainer

In a recent study conducted at Ball State University male subjects who participated in a weight training program supervised by a certified Personal Trainer achieved, "significantly greater adaptations in strength performance compared with unsupervised training".

Personal Trainers get results because they are always looking for new and exciting ways to elevate your fitness level. They have the knowledge and experience to know when you need to be pushed, or if it's best to play it safe.

Source: The Influence Of Direct Supervision Of Resistance Training On Strength Performance Scott A. Mazzetti, William J. Kraemer, Jeff S. Volek... Ball State University, Muncie, IN


Regular Exercise Can Change Your Life

A properly designed exercise program can: burn fat and build muscle, boost your energy levels, increase bone health, offer relief from arthritis and back pain, lower your risk of developing certain cancers, lower high cholesterol and improve triglyceride levels, treat heart disease, slow (and even reverse) aging, reduce your risk of developing glaucoma, and elevate your mood and fight depression.

Source: The Healing Power Of Exercise book by Linn Goldberg M.D. and Dianne L. Elliot M.D.

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