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Our business is called V.I.P. Fitness because every one of our members is very important to us!

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In this months edition of our tips page we would like to answer a common question that comes up when people call or e mail for information.

Question: What are the credentials of your Personal Trainers and what should I look for when choosing a top notch Personal Trainer?

We will list the qualifications of all of our staff members and why we feel those qualifications are important.

College Degree related to Fitness: Anyone who has invested the time, money, patience, discipline, and dedication to earning a college degree in fitness will be a cut above trainers who have not earned this credential. Many trainers who do not have college degrees will say things like, “I don’t really understand the science behind how this works…I just know it does.” A trainer with a college degree will be able to give you the best, most productive, scientifically proven, and safe exercises. He/she can explain how and why they work and why they are a better choice than others.  You are trusting your Personal Trainer to give you expert advice. They should have the college education of an expert.

National Certification: In order for a Personal Trainer to legally work they must have a Personal Training certification from a reputable organization. There are many organizations that certify Personal Trainers and it can be confusing to try to separate the good from the bad. One question you can ask is, “Does that certification require continuing education?” If it does not than it is not a good certification. Organizations with high standards expect trainers to continuously educate themselves and expand their knowledge base as they work and grow in the field. A certification is the minimum standard to get a Personal Trainer out on the floor and working with healthy participants.

Business License: Many Personal Trainers do not have business licenses and conduct their business illegally. Check to see if the trainer you are considering has a business license that is valid and in good standing. This demonstrates they are professional and legally able to collect money for services and pay their fair share of taxes in the community.

Insurance: Even an expert Personal Trainer working in a well maintained gym can have some type of accident or mishap that causes an injury to a client. A trainer must have insurance to protect themselves and the clients they work with against accidents, equipment malfunctions, slips and falls, and other unexpected events in a health club.

Experience: Great Personal Trainers have spent most if not all of their lives involved in fitness. They have trained themselves. They have trained others. They have worked in different environments and a wide variety of people of all ages. This experience is necessary to ensure that they have trained clients with similar goals and backgrounds and are ready to design and implement an appropriate program for your needs.

A Fit Healthy Body: If a trainer possesses all of the above qualifications it would only make sense that they look the part. They don’t need to be Mr. Universe or Miss Woman of Steel but they do need to look like they exercise regularly and have good healthy habits. Some trainers lose their passion for working out and see the business as just a way of making money. Some health clubs even tell trainers that working out is not important when you have sales quotas to meet. Avoid trainers and gyms that take this stance and get yourself into a better environment. A trainer who does not enjoy exercising is not a good role model to lead you.

A Personal Trainer is someone you will trust for advice on health, fitness, and overall wellness. Make sure they live up to your expectations and take their job seriously.

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