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2912 Lake East Dr. Las Vegas, Nv 89117

Our business is called V.I.P. Fitness because every one of our members is very important to us!

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In this months edition of our tips page we would like to address a common problem we see with some Personal Training clients. The issue of readiness and ability to commit to a serious program. The first step in our new client process is the consultation. One of our objectives during this time is to assess the ability of our new member to participate fully and reap maximum benefit from our program. Many new members say things like, “I’m so busy at work right now” or “I don’t have any free time because of all my commitments.” If this is the case we recommend the person wait until a better time to begin a program. If you have no time to attend your sessions or give a good solid effort to your trainer the program will not be successful. A productive program requires a consistent effort on behalf of the member and the ability to make fitness a priority in their life. Poor attendance, lack of effort with homework, and excuses as to why simple assignments are not getting done will not cut it. Every employee who works at V.I.P. Fitness is always excited and committed to seeing our new members succeed. It’s a team effort. We bring the plans and expertise and you bring the construction crew. Your Personal Trainers best efforts will be in vain if you cannot participate with passion and enthusiasm. Before starting a program you should ask yourself the following questions:

Is this something I really want to do and am willing to work hard to achieve?

Do I have enough time and availability to attend sessions on a regular basis?

Am I ready to make lifestyle changes that will help me succeed?

Am I open minded enough to take instruction and make the most of it?

Is this a subject area that I’d really like to learn about and improve upon?

Do I have a good support system in place to help me and not hinder my efforts?


If you cannot answer “yes” to all of these questions you may want to do a little work to improve your situation before embarking on a full spectrum program. A great Personal Trainer can do many wonderful things for you but they can’t get you to your sessions and they can’t do the work for you. The fitness industry is filled with passionate individuals who love to see people look better, feel better, and live more fulfilling lives. We are ready to bring our 50% to your next session. Are you?

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