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In this months edition of our tips page we would like to answer a common question that comes up when people call or e mail for information.

Question: I’d like to work with a Personal Trainer but my budget will only allow for one session per week. Do you think that would be beneficial enough, or should I just wait?

Answer: Working with a Personal Trainer on a one day a week schedule can be very beneficial. There are definitely some things to consider and some preexisting history with exercise that would help. One day a week programs tend to work best for people who are already doing some exercise a few days a week but need a strong anchor to tie all of their efforts together. A great example of a one day a week program might look like this:

Moday: weight training with Personal Trainer

Wednesday: one hour of hiking

Friday: aerobics class or body pump group class or home exercise video

Saturday: long distance walking or bike riding

Sunday: long distance walking or bike riding

As you can see from this example there is a significant amount of exercise happening on a weekly basis. The Personal Trainer would take care of the weekly requirement for proper strength training and the client would be responsible for staying active the rest of the week. Many people already have memberships to a big box gym or home exercise equipment that could be utilized and we always encourage clients to get fit using a variety of fitness activities. That helps to keep it interesting so that the program does not seem so repetitive. If a person does not feel comfortable or does not have the motivation to do any exercise on their own then a two day or three day a week program will be required for more optimum results. Personal Trainers tend to work clients hard in sessions so more sessions creates a harder overall program.

It is possible to work with a Personal Trainer and stay on a budget. We have many clients at V.I.P. Fitness who utilize the one day per week format and make it work. It all comes down to your commitment to yourself and your desire to be successful with it. We can guide you every step of the way and give you the ideas and techniques to optimize your situation.

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